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<aside> 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Join us on our mission to bring people together through shared experiences around the world!



📖 Our story

Passion is contagious. Our focus is bringing people together and we believe this drives those joining us on this journey.

The vision of LocalBini first emerged when our founder was visiting a friend in Berlin. Thanks to his friend sharing anecdotes with him and revealing the city's hidden gems, he felt fully immersed in the local culture of the city. That’s when he realized that travel experiences are more meaningful when shared with a knowledgeable local.


Our expertise is facilitating these meaningful experiences with knowledgeable locals, with quality being at the forefront of everything we do. We identify what kind of experiences our customers desire and look for trusted and knowledgeable locals that can make their experiences unique and memorable. It is our way of bringing people together from all around the world that redefines travel experiences and makes them a little bit magic.

Experiences by People, for People.


ℹ️ About us

LocalBini is the go-to platform for cultural, leisurely, and even exclusive, Experiences across Europe with Locals.

From a secret boutique shopping Experience with a gemologist to wine-tasting with an expert sommelier, LocalBini.com curates authentic city Experiences that people can book based on their interests (eg. architecture, foodie, nightlife, history etc.).

All the Experiences offered on the platform are one-of-a-kind. They are created by dedicated locals who are selected through an extensive quality assurance procedure, and only then accepted to our platform.


LocalBini has partnered with hotels which use the platform to book remarkable experiences for their guests to ultimately perfect their guests’ stay and experience at their hotel. LocalBini maintains a high-quality standard control for all experiences that are available to hotel guests.

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LocalBini also partners with travel agents who use the platform to offer their customers an alternative to standardized tourist tours- giving them the opportunity to discover their destination through the eyes of a local.